Management consultancy and investment
Oranjeveld Partners

Oranjeveld Partners is a management consultancy and investment company. We help top management of organizations to achieve their goals by giving strategic advice. Our clients are fortune 500 companies, small and medium enterprises, not-for-profit organizations, government and start-ups. We're internationally oriented with offices in The Netherlands and Israel. Oranjeveld Partners works with leading Dutch, European and Israeli venture capitalists and private investors, providing investors with a continuously dealflow of interesting, sound ventures with outstanding innovative technology and a down-to-earth business mentality.

Our consultants are driven by vision, passion, creativity and (social) entrepreneurship.  We're inspiring and motivating people and organizations to excel and use the maximum of their capabilities.

Nowadays, businesses are constantly adapting to changing markets and exploring new fields of interest. Oranjeveld Partners assist organizations in developing innovative strategies, establishing creative partnerships and the founding of new ventures. We don't only advise but add value by practical implementation. We can help you with funding, business development, coaching, training, organizational change and project management. We work efficient, result oriented and within short time frames. Our consultants prefer to define clear goals with measurable results.  Oranjeveld Partners initiates and invests in new start-ups together with our clients. We help you to accelerate and grow your organization!
Our main areas of knowledge and expertise are:
  • Funding
  • Business development
  • New media and publishing
  • ICT and technology
  • Training and education
  • Renewable energy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Product development and innovation
  • Sustainability 
  • Organizational coaching


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