Management consultancy and investment
Oranjeveld Partners

A small Dutch software company hired Oranjeveld Partners to initiate commercial activities in the Netherlands. We implemented a local market research and advised on a effective marketing approach aimed at the Dutch market. Just a few months after joining forces at a local Dutch industry event, our consultant had arranged a number of highly qualified meetings with potential distribution partners, then set out to lead the process of setting up a local Dutch sales channel network.

Due to the international expansion, the company grows significantly from seven to twenty-five employees. The CEO of the firm feels insufficiently equipped with his current style of management. Oranjeveld Partners provides the CEO with weekly business coaching. Our consultant introduces a 360-degree feedback methodology. This ''multi-source feedback" is feedback that comes from all around an employee. Feedback is provided by subordinates, peers, and supervisors. It includes a self-assessment and feedback from external sources such as customers, suppliers and other interested stakeholders. The results from 360-degree feedback are used by the CEO to plan his training and development. As a result of the coaching the CEO succeeds in leading the organization effectively into the next stage of grow.

A boutique venture capital fund in Europe is looking for interesting, sound ventures with outstanding innovative technology. The fund is especially interested in Israeli seed-stage technology companies in the expanding telecommunication, security, and software sectors. Oranjeveld Partners  provides the fund with a continuously deal flow of early-stage Israeli technology startups that will benefit strongly from its co-investment, relocation, and incubation model devoted to securing and improving their access and use of the European market and European investors.
By securing early, small capital investments at seed valuations in portfolio companies, relocating the business development of the ventures to Europe to secureEuropean market penetration for their products and services, and working with companies as value-add partners on marketing and branding, business development and sales, and later-stage financing, Oranjeveld Partners mitigates the risk for the fund which is seeking exposure to the seed-level companies of this global hub for technology innovation and at the same time helping Israeli companies to relocate to and take advantage of the European market.

A leading university wants to make its large collection of valuable audiovisual content available on the internet. Oranjeveld Partners is asked to develop a valid business model and to assist in the choice of  the right technology and implementation partner. Our consultant advises to establish a new venture solely aimed at exploiting the audiovisual collection. A business plan is written and an innovative business model is being developed. We assist in the realization of a schedule of requirements for the audiovisual platform. A selection committee of university stakeholders is appointed that will develop the RFP, evaluate proposals, participate in interviews, and recommend final candidates to the board of directors. Our consultants are supporting the committee with both technological knowledge and guarding the formal RFP process. After closing the contract, we assist the university in the cooperation with the chosen implementation partner. Next, Oranjeveld Partners helps to find the right key personnel for the university spin-off.  After two years, we succeed to broker a deal with a mayor venture capital firm to enable the rapid grow of the company.

A major Israeli supermarket operator wants to upscale the corporate responsibility program. In strategic brainstorm sessions with our consultants the management decides to focus on healthy living, sustainable trade, cultural diversity and community engagement, areas with the possibility to make the greatest impact. Oranjeveld Partners successfully implements a corporate responsibility model and organizes a corporate responsibility steering committee. Clear targets and key performance indicators are being set.

Processes for collecting data and tracking the performance across the different companies is being rolled out. The quality and transparency of the corporate responsibility reporting is substantially improved. Throughout the whole project our consultants are actively engaged assisting the management with advise and support.

A large European telco wants to improve customer loyalty. After a quick-scan including an industry benchmark our consultants advises the board to introduce the Net Promotion Score methodology. Oranjeveld Partners is asked to support the implementation and to assist in the needed cultural change within the organization. Our consultants begin by re-evaluating the new customer acquisition systems to determine where prospect touch-points can be positively impacted by positive referrals. Next, the goodwill of NPS promoters is been harvested by capturing their positive experiences in proof sources including letters of recommendation, quotations, video clips, and more. Then, these proof sources are built into the customer touch-points used in sales and marketing. Oranjeveld's consultants help to realize both face-to-face training sessions and e-learning means aimed at a large number of employees.  NPS is now integrated into day-to-day business. Senior management across the company is committed to ensuring that customer loyalty priorities are a central part of decision-making and how operations are been managed.

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