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Naftalie Hershler is founding partner of Oranjeveld Partners. Naftalie is an internet industry veteran, technology visionair and innovator. He is a serial entrepreneur in both commercial and not-for-profit ventures. Naftalie is an expert in the fields of technological innovation and digital media, being professionally active in these fields for more than fifteen years. He has developed new means of distant learning, digital training and e-learning, and these products are used by thousands of students worldwide. He is the co-founder of Noterik BV, a leading company in the field of online video and video learning. He also established the Living Memories Foundation, which specializes in audiovisual cultural heritage and oral history and is one of the co-founders of Radio la Benevolencija, a NGO specialized in conflict prevention. Naftalie is driven by vision, passion, creativity and (social) entrepreneurship, and inspires and motivates people and organizations to excel and use the maximum of their capabilities. Naftalie studied law at the University of Amsterdam and speaks fluent English, Dutch and Hebrew.



Arjan van Hessen studied Geophysics (seismic exploration) and Italian Language in Utrecht. As a result of these two studies, he started in 1986 with a PhD research at the department of Phonetics at the University of Utrecht. In 1992 he defended his thesis titled “Discrimination of familiar and unfamiliar speech sounds”. From 1991 to 1993 he worked in Düsseldorf and Ulm (Germany) in the VerbMobil-project. After a short post-doc position in Utrecht (1993/1994), he moved to Lernout&Hauspie (1995 – 1997) in Brussels. In 1996 he left Belgium to start at the HMI-group at the University of Twente as a researcher in Speech & Language Technology. Since 2002 he is working as head of imagination at TeleCats, market leader in the Netherlands in speech enabled man-machine communication via the telephone. For the University of Twente he is member of NOTaS: the Dutch Organisation of Speech and Language Technology. In 2004 he became member of the program committee of the Stevin-project: a €11M Flemish-Dutch initiative of the NTU to stimulate the development of Language & Speech Technology for Dutch. Arjan speaks fluent English and Dutch.


Anneke van Hoek is a criminologist, media producer and social entrepreneur. She worked for 17 years as manager and consultant at a private research agency in Amsterdam ( and ran for three years a victim support project in one of the most violent areas of Amsterdam. She is co-founder, manager (2003-2008), senior advisor and academic coordinator (from 2009 until now) of Radio La Benevolencija, a NGO specialised in the prevention of ethnocentric violence with offices in Rwanda, Burundi, DRC and The Netherlands ( Furthermore she is treasurer of Living Memories which specialises in audiovisual cultural heritage. Anneke has more than 20 years of experience in the field of crime prevention, victimology and communication, and is specialised in topics such as media for social change, entertainment & education, technology & crime, business & crime, violence in the workplace, civil unrest, violence between (ethnic/religious) groups, restorative justice and police studies. She combines a strong analytical mind with creativity and an instinct for innovation. Anneke is an expert in managing very complex projects with multi-disciplinary teams and is a skilled writer. She speaks fluent English and Dutch.


Daniel Salber is a software developer and research scientist. His expertise covers several domains: user interfaces, mobile computing and digital video. After a few years in academia, he worked for several years at IBM's T.J. Watson Research Center in New York where he researched future user interfaces for mobile devices. He has since then used his research experience to build innovative software for mobile devices. He has created a couple of startups, contributed to a few others and consulted for many companies including Sony, France Telecom, Palm, Apple, Joost and others. He is currently running his own iPhone/iPad software development company in Amsterdam. Salber has published more than 50 articles in international refereed publications. He is member of the program committee of several international conferences. Dr. Salber graduated from the University of Grenoble (France) with a Masters in Computer Science (1991) and a Ph.D in Software Engineering for User Interfaces, summa cum laude (1995). Daniel speaks fluent English and French.


Ronald Siebes is an entrepeneur in innovative web technology and has a parttime position as project manager and researcher at the business informatics group from VU university Amsterdam. He has expertise in business modeling, artificial intelligence, distributed systems, Web services and innovative Web applications. He is a member of core development teams of several award winning €1M+ software projects, like Bibster, Marvin, The E-culture demonstrator, Parademo and the OpenKnowledge Kernel. Ronald holds a Ph.D. in computer science from the VU University in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He speaks fluent English and Dutch.

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