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Orangefield Partners initiates and invests in new ventures, often together with our clients. We're investing in innovative and sustainable ventures. Oranjeveld Partners provides not only financial input but experience in technology, management and entrepreneurship. Our ventures are either commercial or not-for-profit but always sustainable. Currently Oranjeveld and it's partners founded the listed ventures in the fields of web and video technology, cultural heritage, training & e-learning, conflict prevention and real estate.

Oranjeveld Partners invests in early-stage companies because that sector has historically generated the highest investor returns. Additionally, investing in early-stage companies gives Oranjeveld Partners the possibility to help building the company on a solid base and with the right business attitude. Traditionally, Oranjeveld Partners invests in web technology, mobile solutions and emerging technologies including cleantech. Geographically, Oranjeveld's ventures comes mainly from The Netherlands, Europe and Israel, which gives Oranjeveld an unique position compared to the existing US focused VC firms.

Deep understanding of due-diligence and fund raising processes, together with close relations with leading Dutch, European and Israeli venture capitalists and private investors, enables us to present a winning platform for innovative hi-tech ventures. Oranjeveld Partners provides investors with a dealflow of interesting, sound ventures with outstanding innovative technology and a down-to-earth business mentallity.

We know how to pick the cherries from the startups and turn them from cherries into trees. Oranjeveld Partners and associated investment companies provides smart money. Smart money means that we not only provide money but offer funding combined with strategic advise. Our involvement does not end with making the deal but rather starts there. We provide continuously coaching of our ventures in this way guarding the equity of our investors. Oranjeveld Partners' experience in entrepreneurship and business acceleration assures investors that their money is being used wisely.

Oranjeveld Partners is supported by a large international network of human resources, including corporate investors, venture capital firms, universities and research institutions, informal investors, industry advisors and other strategic partners and business allies.

In the process of acquiring funding Oranjeveld Partners usually works on compensation based on a retainer and a success fee.

Contact us:

- if you're an entrepreneur with an existing start up or business plan looking for 'smart money;

- if you're an informal investor, business angel or instituional fund looking for participation in 
  hi-potential start-ups and early stage companies in innovative technology;

- if you like to support one of our not-for-profit ventures financially or with your time and expertise.

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