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Radio La Benevolencija
Radio La Benevolencija - Humanitarian Tools Foundation, is a NGO specialized in conflict prevention. Radio Benevolencija is  devoted to helping people who have suffered from ethnic violence. Extensive academic research has proven that ethnic conflict and group violence always take place according to specific patterns. Radio Benevolencija develops media campaigns to make people aware of these patterns. The media broadcasts and grassroots activities raise awareness about the dangers of political propaganda, group pressure and the patterns that lead to group violence. These activities aim to contribute to reconciliation and the prevention of future ethnic violence. The program is designed under the guidance of academic experts from the University of Massachussetts, the Trauma Research Education and Training Institute (TREATI) and Yale University. Activities are based on academic research into the origins and prevention of genocide, as well as a community-based approach to healing. Currently, Radio La Benevolencija has programs in Rwanda, Congo and Burundi.

Radio La Benevolencija is no official Oranjeveld Partners venture. Naftalie Hershler, founder partner of Oranjeveld Partners is one of the co-founders of Radio La Benevolencija.
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