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Living Memories Foundation
Oranjeveld Partners founded the Living Memories Foundation (Stichting Levende Herinneringen). The Foundation specializes in audiovisual cultural heritage and oral history. The Living Memories Foundation aims at preserving culture and history by establishing oral history projects. Currently the Foundation and her partners executes a project where citizens of Croatia from all social layers and regions are interviewed about their personal experiences in violent situations. In Israel, the Foundation is involved in the national oral history project 'Toldot Yisrael.  

Finished projects include 'Megayati Kenangang' about Indonesian culture and history and another project connected to Steven Spielberg's "Shoah Survivor" project. Within the Indonesian project the Foundation interviewed hundreds of people about their memories of Indonesia before the independency, when the country was still a Dutch colony. All the interviews are accessible through the Internet. For the Shoah Survivors project the Foundation delivered a platform to make 5000 hours of interviews with Shoah survivors searchable and available on the internet.
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